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Nothing In Hindsight

  • November 15, 2015
  • popular

Popular sovereignty (also correctly spelled “sovranty”) means that government power and authority is vested in and derived from the people, and that government acts according to the will of the people. Popular sovereignty is one of the three pillars of democracy, along with political liberty and political equality.

In this election year, the rights, liberties, and guarantees of the American system of government rested in the hands of the voters, temporarily suspended between President Bush and Senator Kerry like a Mexican piñata. Fear, inspired in part by the Bush administration’s manipulation of the terrorist-alert system, which it may have created for that purpose, was one factor overtaking just enough voters to quash Democratic hopes for a new, responsible, responsive, and ethical government.

Nothing in hindsight

The balance could have been tipped by any little, one thing done, left undone, or done differently. The election was lost to an administration, alien to American precepts of popular sovereignty, because of one small error among a multitude of possibilities. Which was to blame?

Kerry’s failure to show that Iraq is apart from, not a part of the war on terror? A platform to end Bush’s war, not win it, could have been the difference to some who voted red or not at all, eliminating the paradox of a promise to win rather than end a war that was wrong to start.

Was Kerry’s failure to recognize and take some part of Bush’s religious morality as his own a fatal factor? Affirmation of religious rights and individuality is fine, as is defining the impact history had on the founders’ consideration of the separation of church and state when they drafted the Constitution, but a platform to take control of smut on the nation’s airways—all the airways—might have brought home a few hundred-thousand votes.

A different running mate? A dozen or more possibilities, but they don’t matter now. As the retiring dean of television news anchors, Tom Brokaw, said when he closed his broadcast the night following the elections, bitterness is pointless. The fight for the next election has just begun.

It’s a fight that requires a double-edged sword, because it will also be a fight to hold on to all that Bush and Cheney’s private-reality team will attempt to destroy.

The revelations within this site (click on the images below) seek to promote an understanding of the current threats to American ideals and to popular sovereignty, in clear language, putting them in a variety of perspectives, including values and ethical right and wrong. Informed citizens with a priority for rights and right over agenda and partisan politics will better know to whom they should have delivered the candy in November and will better see the proper choice in 2008.

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